bebestation vending machine

Bébé Station

Introducing the newest addition to our business! We’re proud to offer the Bébé Station – vending machines that dispense diapers, wipes, creams, hand sanitizer, sunscreen and healthy snack options. Providing useful vending options for today’s parents is a trend that is gaining momentum.

The Bébé Station is ideal for subway/train stations, local malls, community centres, airports and other venues in the GTA and surrounding areas. Parents will be pleased with our products and offerings. Won’t you consider joining the movement toward happy parents? Get yours now!


We offer vending machine sales, rentals and leasing in the GTA & surrounding areas – with financing options on orders over $5000 at an excellent rate. Contact us directly to learn more about our products and get a custom quote, or buy directly online via our online store. Call (647) 547-9267 or email to learn more.



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